ACTION DAY - 2019 

April 17, 2019 : #UCD4Sustainability

Origins of UCD's Sustainability Action Day


 The image of a solitary 16 year old Swedish schoolgirl, Greta Thunberg, protesting in the rain with a sign “Skolstrejk för klimatet” (School Strike for Climate). The scene from David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 BBC Series, of a mother pilot whale  grieving over the still birth of her calf, poisoned by the polluted waters of the oceans. Climate change causing massive floods, capturing the news headlines and creating devastating damage to food supplies and harvests in Africa, putting millions of people in fear of famine and destitution. These vivid and emotional pictures have moved the world. Pictures that shouldn’t happen, and pictures that wouldn’t happen if we lived in a more sustainable world more...

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April 17, 2019
Science Hub

University College Dublin, 

Dublin, Ireland

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Action Day Overview

What is UCD Sustainability Action Day about?

The world’s natural resources: agricultural produce, forestry, land use, water and energy
reserves are being consumed at a rate that is not sustainable. Furthermore, in the
manufacturing processes using these resources, and during the life-cycle of many consumer
products, a variety of dangerous chemical and biological toxins and waste can pollute and
enter the environment. Additionally, the use of fossil fuels to produce energy is generating
Carbon Dioxide and other green house gases that are the major contributors to Climate
The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change predict that unless we keep the
average global temperature increase below 2C (more likely 1.5C) above that of the pre-
industrial age, most of the coral reefs which sustain 25% of all marine biodiversity will
disappear, sea-levels will rise 2 metres, and violent storms will be 30% more frequent
leading to global crop failures and mass human migrations.
While all this news is depressing, the purpose of the event is to highlight the challenges of
sustainability while simultaneously promoting and encouraging the spirit of positivity and
creativity in the student community that will solve many of environmental and social issues
of the future.
The main objective of the Day is to highlight and encourage positive action towards a more
sustainable world, through student networks and projects in collaboration with other
sustainability-focussed research groups, organisations, communities and companies at local,
national and international level.
Sustainability offers great opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. Some of
Ireland’s most innovative companies and organisations involved in social, environmental
and technological sustainability will have displays and demonstrations at the event. UCD is
also conducting leading-edge research that addresses social and environmental issues on a
local, national and international plane. Some of the lead scientists of these projects will be
describing the international impacts of their work.
The event provides a forum where a range of academic, commercial, student and individual
interests, engaged in all areas of sustainability can learn, meet, network and discuss paths
and ways for a more sustainable future.
Everyone is welcome.

What is Happening at UCD Sustainability Action Day?

Here is a list of the major activities:
1. Talks by leading experts and researchers on Climate Change and a range of themes
from the United Nations (SDGs) Sustainability Development Goals.
2. Presentations by Innovators, Creative thinkers, Business entrepreneurs, Students
and simply some amazing people who are doing astonishing things in biodiversity,
fashion, design, the environment, social media, computing etc. 3. Demonstrations and stands from companies, startups and organisations engaged in
social or technological aspects of sustainability.
4. Student Exhibits awards and reception.

What will I Gain from the Day as a Student?

1. Discover what is happening in research and student projects concerning
2. Identify a group project or proposal that you may wish to pursue in the Enviro Tech
Bootcamp module in 2019/20. 3. Network with other student sustainability groups. 4. Internships: Meet companies and organisations who are offering internships as partof the undergraduate programme or during vacation. If you are interested emailyour name, course of study, year of study and areas of interest and/or skill set to studentsintern@ucd4sustainability.com 5. Students who register for the event on-line will automatically be entered into an €50
One4All voucher hourly draw at the Science Hub. Prizes must be claimed within 1
hour of the draw in person.

What will I gain from the Day as an Individual, Commercial /
Organisation Presenter?

1. The opportunity to promote your technology, services or campaign to a universtity
with over 30,000 students and academics.
2. Learn about research activities and projects in UCD involved in climate change and
all areas of the United Nations SDGs which may be relevant to your needs or
requirements. 3. Network with other innovative companies and organisations. 4. Internships: The opportunity to meet students and offer in-term or vacation
internships. If you are interested in offering internships to students please email,
your company/organisation name, contact person, contact details, (3-4) sentences
on your company activities, the type of work and skill set you require to

Venue / Date / Time:

Venue: UCD Science Hub and Clinton Auditorium, Belfield.
Time: Displays, Stands and Exhibits open at 11 am in UCD Science Hub.
Lectures and talks form 1pm to 5:30 pm (see schedule)
Date: Wednesday 17 th April, 2019




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